I have not received an order confirmation after having processed my order.
If you have not received an order confirmation after processing your order, we advise you to check your junk folder. If you cannot find your order confirmation there, contact our customer service at info@noa.dk or +45 6611 1700, and we will check if your order has gone through correctly.

I want to cancel my order.
If you want to cancel your order, call us at +45 6611 1700.

I would like to order your printed catalogues for my store.
You can find all our POS material for ordering here. Delivery of additional POS material is arranged with your seller/agent or customer service.

Can I choose to show recommended purchase prices here on the site?
Yes. On all products you can pick whether you only want to see recommended purchase prices. Otherwise, both are shown.

Can I get a product sent directly to a customer?
Unfortunately, we do not offer to send the products directly to your customers.

Are the prices shown including VAT for various countries?
The price of the product is excluding VAT. In the shopping cart, you can find the total price including VAT.

Can I see if a product is in stock?
On every product, a coloured dot is shown that indicates whether the item is in stock. If the dot is green, the product is in stock, if the dot is yellow, there are few in stock, and if the dot is red, then the product is unfortunately out of stock. If the product is out of stock, a date for an expected restock is shown.

If a product is not in stock, how do I know when it will come back in stock?
If a product is not in stock, it is shown when you can expect the next delivery.

Can I see what I have in back order?
Go to your customer portal and click on "back order". Every product in back order and its expected delivery time is shown there.