The Story of Nordahl Andersen

Nordahl Andersen is a unique success story with steady growth and the award as "Innovator of the year in the Jewellery business” 2015. The secret lies in the dialogue with the customers, unremitting persistence, talent for innovation and quick adaption from idea to practice. 

The company was founded in 1984 by N.O Andersen. 
For many years N.O Andersen visited the retailers in Denmark selling different lines of Jewellery. In 2007 the company was bought by the next generation and started growing.

Today Nordahl Andersen is a House of Brands, containing a variety of well-known brands. The brand Joanli Nor has only existed for a few years but has quickly turned out to be a success. Fashion jewellery in silver from Nordahl Jewellery are well-received. Christening- and gift-articles are beloved presents commemorating the important moments of children. And the latest addition to the family, SON of NOA, has had a splendid start with male jewellery in attractive displays. All of these brands, as well as the unique Christmas decorations inspired by Denmark’s own Hans Christian Andersen, are what make up Nordahl Andersen.

Fascinating Facts

  • Nordahl Andersen is responsible for all the christening gifts you know: From engraved flagpoles and spoons to everything Kaj & Andrea, Bamse & Kylling, Mummi and Rasmus Klump.
  • Nordahl Jewellery - One of the most popular Danish Jewellery brands
  • Joanli Nor - Our newest brand of trendy sparkling silver Jewellery
  • Hugo Boss - We carry a big variety of pens, folders and other design products by one of the world’s biggest brands
  • Nordahl Andersen have assembled Hans Christian Andersen’s original and magical paper clippings, creating Hans Christian Andersen’s classical Christmas decorations, among which is the braided Christmas-heart, which not a lot of people know, was invented by Hans Christian Andersen. 

Nordahl Andersen is owned by Michael & Lisbeth Nordahl Andersen from Horsens. They have 25 employees and 15 agents. 

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