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Resell Contemporary Danish design in sterling silver at an attractive quality and price point. Joanli Nor is particularly targeting the part of your female market segments, who want sophisticated sparkle at a decent price.

3-3.25 in mark-up for you

If you are a jewellery retailer looking for stock to resell, we would be more than happy to supply you. We are offering you contemporary design combined with a high level of personal and reliable service. For instance we average a 7-day turnaround on stock orders in the UK, though it is possible to order 24/7 and request express delivery. 

In Scandinavia our customer retention rate is high. One customer has been one of our a business partner for 34 years. For their customers, our products have proven popular owing to consistent quality in silver, hand -finished stones and synthetic zirconia. Our jewellery is tested for nickel- and other allergies.

Danish jewellery brand

Established in 1984, Nordahl Andersen is a privately owned family business in the heart of Denmark. Its lines of products are successful export articles.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. It does not cost anything to talk to us, so why not start a conversation today?

“I’m thrilled to have Joanli Nor in our assortment. From day one, the silver jewellery has sold. The range of products and good prices offer cross-selling opportunities. For instance, sometimes a customer buys a set of jewellery in one colour, but ends up buying one more in another colour because it is affordable.” - Tina Giese, Aveny