Good to know about Jewellery

Jewelry must be taken care of to last. Jewelry made of precious metals must be kept clean. If  possibly, dipped in jewelry cleaner, cleaned with the included brush and wipe with a soft cloth. When cleaning the metal gets clean but not glossy. If the jewellery needs to be polished or the coating shall be renewed, please contact a Jeweler

Take your jewelry of at night. Bracelets and necklaces wear out much faster if you wear them all day. Furthermore you should take of your rings when doing kitchen work, vacuum cleaner, doing gymnastics or otherwise hard physical work. If you store your jewellery in a jewelry box, be careful not to scratch them.

It is wise to get your jewelery inspected by a jeweler now and then. Rings with stones that you may wear every day, should be inspected at least once a year.
The handles around the stones, becomes worn and must be reinforced at times.  it is wise to take these precautions before it's too late - it can be costly if the stone has fallen out.


Surface Treatment

All metal is coated. Made glossy, matt or for example rhodinated, where the jewelry gets a very thin layer of white rhodium on the surface. Silver can be oxidized (made black) or be plated.

The same for all coatings is that they wear down over time. Some people wear more things than others, and some types of jewelry worn more than others, so it's difficult to say anything about how long the surface will hold. Older jewelry often ets its own beautiful patina, but if you think your jewellery becomes worn, it can be coated again.


If the accident has happened

Whether you wear Your jewellery occasional or everyday, Your jewellery will at some point get damaged. It may just be worn out or by accident. When this happens you should contact your Jeweler, who can help you getting it repaired, and tell you at what price and what risks it may have.